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Living by numbers

Picular. Google, but for colors.

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Color vision [1938]

Großartig. Bis auf die Sache mit der Schildkröte ganz am Anfang. Und heute würde man auch etwas weniger exaltiert-theatralisch betonen. 

Gefunden bei brainpickings. Dort finden Sie auch noch weitere Infos und Links.

Wenn Sie anschließend das mit den Primärfarben noch mal anders erklärt haben möchten, bite schön. Erklärungen kann man auch tanzen:

Fishing for colors #2


This long winter does need a bit of fresh color, and I find myself going astray from my usual preferences for a thousand shades of grey and pondering over some red and green from last year’s apples.

This list of tools by allwebdesignresources.com I just stumbled upon must be the most complete list of color related sites I have come across, ever. It might intimidate you at first, as all long lists tend to, but it is well worth the visit. It is a little dated (2008), admittedly, but that does not make it any worse.

Recently I listed a few color websites here as a starting point for creating color schemes for your presentations.

What works fastest for me personally, is using Adobe Ideas for iPod.

  • Choose a pic
  • Choose the colors
  • Save the color palette
  • Scribble on


Later I often just use DigitalColor Meter for Mac to read out any color values.



Links in this post:

Fishing for colors


My favorite color tool apart from Digital Color Meter on the Mac is still Adobe’s KULER. Upload last year’s winter, choose color points and download swatch file (.ase) into Photoshop (Elements).

Or just browse online and fall in love with the names of palettes alone. How sweet are Dusty Caramels?

Other useful color sites:

If you are not afraid of terms like monochromatic, analogic, complimentary, split complementary, triadic, and double contrast try

Come here often to check out if your green is my green or anyone else’s gray.