Präsentieren bedeutet, mit Menschen zu sprechen.

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13 Near Misses. Test runs. #01

Did some scribbling/editing this morning on my 13 Near Misses which I have neglected very badly for more than a year now. Have given up Christmas idea of cutting out paper models from Yupo paper, photographing them, setting up a stage … I simply do not have the time. Instead I did a rough outline in iDraw for Ms. Shy which worked surprisingly well and is now someone an illustrator may use for starters. Unless I stubbornly insist on doing it all myself. Biggest doubt so far: Most Near Misses are of course Lost Boys as well.



Waiting for drawings and a first copy edit of my 13 Near Misses.


Apart from that: work. Full stop.


The first round of (very successfull) exams this term included topics that ranged from stuttering to ergonomics and back to language development in children.

The all women rhetoric weekend seminar consisted mainly of social workers and ergo-, logo- and physiotherapists plus an engineer and two students from our Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage department. Interesting mix.

Same fears, different approaches. In the beginning, all 13 Near Misses were very present: from Miss Muffler to Miss What’s-the-Point. I am glad to see all of them have found a way around their very personal presenting demons.


Loved a recent post by Lisa Braithwaite on being more humble as a speaker (lecturer/teacher/you name it).

Without our audiences, we are nothing.

13 Near Misses

After 20 years of teaching and coaching, I have begun working on a small book about public speaking and presenting. Quite different, I hope, from the usual business manuals. It does not plan to streamline you; it’ll just take you by the hand and say: Have you tried this before?

That is pretty much the way I work in my coachings. Dimming down communicative noise, emphasizing your strengths. Finding you help your real voice. Considering your audience’s needs. Making both sides comfortable.

With lovely illustrations by a young female Munich artist, plus a wise cracking hell of a cat. This is too much Alice in Wonderland to go without a cat.

A public speaking primer for girls who want to be heard.

By, and for, women. And very much not for the all glamorous or pin striped at heart.

I’ll be keeping you posted.