von anketroeder

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This analysis of a »perfect keynote« (featuring IBM’s Watson) is being shared everywhere right now. Must have been a lot of work. J. Waite comes up with a list of eight things that matter. Highly interesting: Not a word about words. – It is about story shapes, conflicts, and heroes, about font size, about black or white slides, interaction with the audience. Yes. We know. – But here is not one word. About words. – The things you actually *say*. And how you say them. – And that is the point of failure of each of these lists. It is all structure and style, and built-in emotions, but not radio talk. You can imitate a structure, of course. You can learn how to design slides. But it will still make you a mechanical speaker unless you begin to care about the colour of words as much as font size.

Still, an interesting read.