Product Placement

Interesting coaching today. 

He is worried about time management, about having too much animation and effect, and again, time management. 

(Hint: Worry. And then look for a solution. Worried about time? Delete, cut, shorten.)

What actually worked best was the animated Hans-Rosling-like speedy part in the middle, where we needed it most. In order to wake up. Clack, clack, clack, 78 instances of product placement in 15 images one slide. One on top of the other. Hey, Transformers, here we go.

What does not work: An overview slide of six aspects that takes one minute to go through, when all you have is three minutes. Even if it is not bullet points, but an idea map. An idea map is great for letting your audience decide where they want to to go. When you have only three minutes. You need to be in control.

180 seconds is just that. Not. Much. Time. 
But time enough to focus.

What does not work: Meta talk.* So don’t say: I am going to tell you what I am going to tell you. That is an ancient 80s relic, and it ain’t never been any good. Not even as a Chinese proverb.

Just say what you want to say, for your audience’s sake. And never underestimate our intelligence. Do not tell us, what we already know. Fill in the blanks. 

Leave us hungry enough to ask questions.
Leave us curious enough to stay.

So the very best part was the after talk part, when we could shoot questions.  And there were many questions. He had answers for everyone. And a smile. And a handout.

Great talk. Second time around :)

*)  Meta is a great font, though.