Note to self: 2011 list of learning tools

von anketroeder


Jane Hart from C4LPT, the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, is still accepting contributions for this year’s list of the top 100 learning tools.The list will be finalized and published in November 2011.

A first glance reveals TED, Evernote, iPad (apps), DropBox, StoryBird, SecondLife, and, inevitably, Moodle. Learning still seems to invite the idea of documents (Excel and Word feature, too) but I can see Picasa as well as Audacity, the fabulous Aviary Suite, or Vimeo. Good.

Depending on your background, you may be familiar with many or most of the tools on the list, so you might also want to check out her very well structured directory of 2000+ learning tools. I have just replaced my own learning bookmark collection of the past ten years with this.

Jane’s site is a goldmine of information on all aspects of (social) learning.

If you want to invite the backchannel and embed polls or Twitter into your Keynote presentation, try this posting.

That posting includes many further links, including to two classics, Atkinson’s 2009 book on incorporating the Backchannel and Mitchell’s 2009 e-guide.

Related to this (and just in from my inbox, thx!):

Looks exciting.

I wonder what the list will look like in two years from now. My bet for my own area (presenting) is on the iPad used as a whiteboard. Scribble while you speak. Show and tell. I also have high hopes for HTML5, as HTML is how my online teaching existence started.

Back in1998, when I launched my first web based learning platform at college, my number one wish was being able to make things move. Now, drag and drop or animated sequences are a availabe at the touch of a finger. Brave new world.

But still I bought a set of new pencils yesterday and a stack of new sketch blocks to organize the upcoming exams and other presenting events. 

Always. Plan. Analog. Digital is only second nature. Yet.