Pitch and run

von anketroeder

This is just a quick link dump, I will come back to this later. Today, Tech Crunch is featuring a round of high school Nasa pitches, videos and all. Lovely stuff and well worth checking out, from tools to give astronauts more private space to hitching safe rides. I will try and find the time to comment on some of the vids. Until then, see for yourself: NASA pitches

To compete in the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Awards, each team of high schoolers had to create a business plan, technical report, graphical representation and elevator pitch for their product, presenting their invention to a panel of judges for 10 minutes. All in all 27 finalists competed in the Aerospace, Clean energy and Cyber security categories to win $5,000 and the community support and mentorship to develop their product commercially.

Also in the post: Link to a Quora thread of Start ups destined to fail. I personally can’t stand Quora’s noise and clatter, but there are some good bad ideas there: as we certainly do not need another T-shirt site or Q&A-portal.

Main Link in this post:  NASA pitches