Fishing for colors #2

von anketroeder


This long winter does need a bit of fresh color, and I find myself going astray from my usual preferences for a thousand shades of grey and pondering over some red and green from last year’s apples.

This list of tools by I just stumbled upon must be the most complete list of color related sites I have come across, ever. It might intimidate you at first, as all long lists tend to, but it is well worth the visit. It is a little dated (2008), admittedly, but that does not make it any worse.

Recently I listed a few color websites here as a starting point for creating color schemes for your presentations.

What works fastest for me personally, is using Adobe Ideas for iPod.

  • Choose a pic
  • Choose the colors
  • Save the color palette
  • Scribble on


Later I often just use DigitalColor Meter for Mac to read out any color values.



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