Switch over, if you please

von anketroeder


It is 2011, and there are many hundreds of presentation blogs around by now, and many new voices, and now and then all these voices in Presentation Land can be as blatantly noisy as else where: Choose me! Follow me!

But there are different voices, and they are the ones you come to rely on over the years, and one of my places of choice for sound and solid reading is Olivia Mitchell’s Speaking about Presenting. It’s a treasure box of well-researched facts, and a great site to start with for anyone new to presenting.

It has been quiet there over the holidays, and it is good to see she is back with a post on Getting People To Take Action, referring to ideas from Chip and Dan Heath’s Switch from 2009.

If you haven’t read Switch yet, you might want to start with Olivia’s thoughts on how to get people take action after a presentation.