Two for starters [and some cookies]


Two important postings—a great (and growing) linked list of 100+ Presenting Tips from Jon Thomas and four predictions for 2011 from Nancy Duarte—and the new year is only a few days young.

I interpret this as a good sign that things are moving faster and in the right direction in the small but steadily growing part of the world known as Presenting Land.

I am in full agreement with Nancy Duarte as to the use of tablet PCs; not necessarily for the big stage, but for looking closely at an idea with a customer/client/student. If we are lucky, it will change our teaching once again. Touch, move, feel. Muscle memory. But most importantly, a different posture, a different style. Can’t wait.

Germany—and Smallville in particular—is still trying to catch up with all this. But I am sure the next couple of weeks of end of term presentations will show how much students have achieved already.

Good luck you guys, and please make sure you read these two posts!

Much of it will sound familiar…

And make sure you follow the link from Nancy’s post to Abstract City and NYT artist Christoph Niemann. I already loved his Coffee from 2008, the recent 2010 Let it Dough is just as good. Slideware with a twist: Story telling with cookies.

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