von anketroeder


Waiting for drawings and a first copy edit of my 13 Near Misses.


Apart from that: work. Full stop.


The first round of (very successfull) exams this term included topics that ranged from stuttering to ergonomics and back to language development in children.

The all women rhetoric weekend seminar consisted mainly of social workers and ergo-, logo- and physiotherapists plus an engineer and two students from our Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage department. Interesting mix.

Same fears, different approaches. In the beginning, all 13 Near Misses were very present: from Miss Muffler to Miss What’s-the-Point. I am glad to see all of them have found a way around their very personal presenting demons.


Loved a recent post by Lisa Braithwaite on being more humble as a speaker (lecturer/teacher/you name it).

Without our audiences, we are nothing.