13 Near Misses

von anketroeder

After 20 years of teaching and coaching, I have begun working on a small book about public speaking and presenting. Quite different, I hope, from the usual business manuals. It does not plan to streamline you; it’ll just take you by the hand and say: Have you tried this before?

That is pretty much the way I work in my coachings. Dimming down communicative noise, emphasizing your strengths. Finding you help your real voice. Considering your audience’s needs. Making both sides comfortable.

With lovely illustrations by a young female Munich artist, plus a wise cracking hell of a cat. This is too much Alice in Wonderland to go without a cat.

A public speaking primer for girls who want to be heard.

By, and for, women. And very much not for the all glamorous or pin striped at heart.

I’ll be keeping you posted.