Tossing and turning


Some meandering thoughts on why we often understand so much less than we see.

[This is long. If you want the learnings only, skip it all and go straight to the very last paragraph. If, like me, you enjoy the stroll more than the cake at the end, bear with me. And thank you for the company. Maybe we can share the cake after all, when we come to it.]

Currently there are quite a few discussions going on about the relevance of images in presentations. I think they come not a moment too soon. I think many of us were beginning to get uneasy with the way things were going. The strange thing is, while there is a second slide revolution on the way, in many meeting rooms, at least here in Smallville, the first wave has not even begun to hit.

But that is a different story.

Over at PowerPointNinja is an excellent, concrete and easy to implement article on what can go wrong with images in a presentation that leaves me free to ramble and meander on a few other things on my mind right now. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »