Love you to distraction


Never underestimate your audience???s ability to concentrate on something other than what is on your slides.

Especially when you are using text slides. There are biological reasons why text on slides only works to a certain degree. Don???t go against nature. Feed your audience what they really need. Not what makes life easiest for you. After all, an audience that is working with you because they actually listen to you is much more helpful than that screen you are reading from just now.

Crows hate being looked at until they know you extremely well. People are different. Not looking at your audience will lose you the biggest chance you have to connect. So even if you are using text slides, let people read what you feel they need to read in silence. And then re-connect, get back into their focus using your voice as a signal call.

Do not read them your slides.?? A presentation is not a bedtime story. At least it shouldn???t be.