Slip sliding away

von anketroeder


This was one of the SEE #5 few slides that actually had more than a few words on it (well, apart from the one talk that was completely illegible when it came to both verbal and visual content; but that one is a story in itself). After hundreds of images and impressions, it was quite refreshing to have this short, crisp and clean summary.

Easy to see, easy to read, easy to understand even though the majority of the audience was German. The parallel sentence structure and short verbs helped just as much as the generous white space and the formatting. And not a bullet point in sight.

Lists. They are loyal work horses. Just don’t try to win a race right from the start with one. This slide came when we needed it, into minute fourteen, when Andrew was talking about the main points of Morgan Kaufmann’s Persuasive Technology.

After that, many images and examples of his students’ work, including a dress that shows how nervous its wearer is.

Stage fright is only a topic when you let itself make it one, I always say. Some tells are just louder than others. I like the idea of a tell-tale dress and I am sure it will slip-slide its way into my classes soon.