Revisiting (SEE #5)

von anketroeder


Still basking in the afterglow of the input and the discussions  at the SEE #5. Going there was so much the right thing to do.

Using a quiet Wednesday morning to revisit and redo my old presentation site that seriously needed a bit of a facelift.  And some spark of life. I was never happy with ready-made templates and blog software, and this was never more than a business card anyway, but right now I want something quick and dirty and bring this back to life. That’s what good real life meetings do to you: you appreciate everything web even more so.

In the meantime, my favorite quotes (as close as I recall them) :

  • The world is a reef. Dieter Brell from 3deluxe.
  • I studied to become a scientist. That never happened and I became a dancer instead. Chunkymoves.
  • A visualization is a persuasion in itself. We like looking at it. But when you ask people what they have taken away from it, they do not know. Andrew Vande Moere from infosthetics.
  • Understanding the numbers we live by is empowerment. Anke Tröder.